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The best coffee in the world for you

We are a coffee shop born to transmit coffee culture. We start from the desire to offer you the best varieties of Central American coffee in the world, such as our Costa Rican coffee “Bellaterra” from our Biolley plantation.

We dedicate our efforts to promoting the consumption and taste for origin coffees, providing high added value such as the quality and variety of offer.

In addition to enjoying our products in our establishments, you can also order to take your coffees of origin, beans, ground, or to taste, in addition to all our artisan pastries.


Origin coffees

origin coffees

We strive to promote the consumption and taste for coffees of Central American origin. We provide high added value in parameters such as quality and variety of supply, offering a select range of coffees such as Costa Rica Bellaterra and our Blend, from Costa Rica, Colombia, Guatemala, Brazil, 100% Arabica coffees, handcrafted, whose base It is the Bellaterra cafe.

handmade cakes

In our artisan pastry shop we always use natural and fresh ingredients, since we handle a line of products in which you will find a wide variety of flavors in all our cakes, cookies and muffins made to accompany you at any time. You will love it!

ingredients café

your online store

We love sharing our passion for coffee with you and offering you online the best selection of our coffees of origin and the cakes that we make in an artisanal way.

Place your order. Choose day and time, and come pick it up at your nearest local ingredients.



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