New ingredients café logo, a design adapted to the new times

Since we started our journey around the world of coffee, more than 15 years have passed. During this time, we have managed to grow, evolve and be closer to you, your world and everything you like.

Time has passed for us and it has also passed for our logo, for this reason we have updated it with a visual restyling.

It is not a radical change, but a redesign that maintains our essence, something that characterizes us from the beginning and that we never want to lose. Of course, we have added a more modern and current touch.

Because a picture is worth a 1000 words

Over time, we have come to realize something very important. And it is that many of you recognize us with the name of Ingredients. For this reason we have decided to replace the term «coffee» in the logo with a suggestive image. It could not be other than our most representative emblem: a delicious cup of steaming coffee.

The result is a logo totally adapted to the new times in which we have introduced a typographic wink that brings vitality to the reading and we believe that it brings us a little closer to you.

We invite you to watch the presentation video of our new logo! You feel it…? It smells like delicious freshly brewed coffee.

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