Past, present and future of coffee shops

It has been a long time since I founded Jamaica Coffee Shop, it was when the concept of coffee shop was born in Spain. It has rained a lot of coffee since then, we have more than 150 stores distributed throughout our country, Andorra and Portugal, which represented the recycling of the traditional coffee shop that existed until then.

We taught the consumer which coffees were good, hardly anyone knew the origin or the correct way to prepare this very social drink. The usual thing up to that moment was to consume a mixture of robusta with a little arabica mixed also with roasted coffee beans (coffee beans caramelised with sugar), this gave it a chocolatey color and a bitter taste due to the caramelization of the coffee beans, in short. a regular coffee that almost everywhere tasted the same.

With the arrival of the coffee shops, we began to teach consumers and show them the different types of coffee that exist, with their origins and varieties. That is why the coffee shops were quickly so successful, the one who tried our 100% natural Arabic coffees and without roast, noticed an abysmal difference in their hazelnut color but above all in the texture and sweet taste of these types of coffee. Due to its quality, it can be taken perfectly without sugar and that is how we drink it, we were the first to change the (until then typical) sachets of 10 g refined white sugar. for the 6 g brown sugar, which is what we recommend to our customers to enhance the flavor of a good coffee. All of these reasons contributed to the great success of Jamaica Coffee Shop.

To this day, the coffee culture that we were able to establish through Jamaica Coffee Shop in Spain has dissolved somewhat due to the emergence of numerous imitators, which has caused the concept to lose the soul and passion that identify good taste for quality coffee.

There are new airs and styles in the preparation of coffees, from a specialty espresso prepared as it should to a cappuccino laced with their artistic forms, created by baristas who are passionate about being different. The future is good, we are witnessing a major screening of knockoffs and only a few standout brands are remaining.

Our INGREDIENTS brand wants to return what was previously achieved with Jamaica Coffee Shop: good blends of the best origin coffees in the world, Kopi Luwak, Jamaica Blue Mountain and Costa Rica Bellaterra from our own Coffea Diversa farm.

The goal of INGREDIENTS is (and has always been) to honor and spread the idea that coffee is more than just a drink, it is a culture that comes with strength.

Antonio Veloso

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