Terms and conditions of purchase

These general conditions of sale regulate the online sales process of the website www.ingredientscafe.es, owned by INGREDIENTS.

Products, services, prices and rates

The products offered in INGREDIENTS, along with their characteristics and price will appear on the screen. The price of the products will be suggested by units and pack. In any of these cases, the user indicates the required quantity increasing unitarily until reaching the desired purchase units. The prices indicated on the screen are in euros and include VAT and any other tax that may be applicable and will be current at all times.

The images that accompany our products are illustrative, and are subject to packaging changes. In any case, INGREDIENTS continuously updates its website, so that the title and description coincide with the photograph of the product offered.

The information on the composition of the products, ingredients and allergenic notices, of the same that appears on this website, may be modified at any time, for which INGREDIENTS is not responsible for the differences that may occur with respect to the information that appears physically declared on the product itself.

INGREDIENTS will add new products to those already included on our website at any time, understanding, unless otherwise provided, that the new products will be governed by the provisions in the General Terms and Conditions in force at all times.

INGREDIENTS reserves the right to stop providing access, at any time and without prior notice, to any of the products offered on the web for reasons of availability, timing or modifications in the assortment of products in the online sales service.

They will be able to add all the products they wish to purchase in the Shopping Cart, according to the indications on the screen, once all the products have been chosen, they will validate the place, date and time of delivery and accept the purchase that implies the reading and irrevocable acceptance of each and every one of these general terms and conditions, as well as, if applicable, the existing particular conditions, which will be informed to the User before accepting the purchase of the products.

Product prices

At all times, INGREDIETNS will ensure to have updated prices on the website. However, in certain cases the prices of the products published in INGREDIENTS may show variations compared to the prices of the products in physical stores.

If the USER considers that a product has an inappropriate price, he has the email account comunicacion@ingredientscafe.es to inform us.

Availability of products

INGREDIENTS will make its best efforts to please Users with the demand for the products.

In case the product is not in the establishment after the order has been carried out, INGREDIENTS will proceed to communicate with the client to propose the replacement of the product according to the preferences indicated by the User, otherwise or if they cannot contact at the time of the order. preparation of the order, this will be left without serving. In the event that the requested and unavailable product is the only one in the order, it will be canceled.


The payment of the products by the User can be made by paying by credit card. Accepted bank cards are Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover Cardo Services.

In the event that payment by credit card is not accepted by the payment platform, the User’s order will be canceled.

The data registered by INGREDIETNS constitute the proof of the transactions made between INGREDIETNS and the Users. INGREDIETNS will confirm your order by sending an email. For security reasons, the creation of user accounts in INGREDIETNS is not allowed through temporary email services such as, for informational purposes and not limited to, Spamgourmet, 10minutemail, Jetable, Yopmail, Mailcatch, Guerrillamail, etc.

Payment security

For your security INGREDIETNS has trusted the credit card payment system to a payment gateway. The bank details entered are encrypted and transmitted securely to the servers of the bank and, subsequently, are verified with the issuing bank to avoid possible fraud and abuse.

This data entry procedure is guaranteed by SSL (Secure Socket Layer) -128 bit encryption technology, one of the most advanced and effective protection systems currently available, thanks to which, no third party will have access to this relative information via the Internet. to the bank details entered by the User.

Only the Financial Entity that owns the payment gateway has access to the bank data linked to these means of payment, so that INGREDIETNS does not know or record these data during the payment transaction or at any other time.

To guarantee the greatest security for our clients, INGREDIETNS reserves the right to request the documents corresponding to the identity and means of payment of the User, prior to the delivery of the order.


The buyer will have the order confirmation on the website. The characteristics and delivery conditions of the order will also be displayed on the website.

Orders must be made with a minimum of one day in advance, each delivery is considered effective from the time the product is made available to the customer at the closest place indicated by him for the delivery of the order at the time of contracting.


The User will receive by email after delivery an email with the details of the products delivered with their prices.


The User may cancel his order without penalty up to 2 hours before the start of the delivery period chosen by the User with the confirmation of the order, by calling the INGREDIENTS telephone service 607382343


The articles offered on our website are backed by years of own experience. For us to be able to offer the highest quality and the best guarantee is our commitment to our customers. If when you receive your order you are not satisfied, you have a period of ten (10) calendar days, counting from the date of receipt, to execute the right of return, except for those products that have a lower expiration term or are food such as , cakes, muffins or cookies.

INGREDIENTS will only accept returns that meet the following requirements:

The product must be in the same state in which it was delivered and it will have to keep, as far as possible, its original packaging and labeling.

A copy of the delivery note must be included in the package, where the returned products are also marked.

To start the return process, please contact us at the address operaciones@ingredientscafe.es.

The goods to be returned will be, always and in any case, unused.

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