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The Coffea diverse garden is located in the District of Biolley, Province of Puntarenas, in the southernmost region of Costa Rica, very close to the border with Panama.

Within the Coffea Diversa field, a batch with unbeatable conditions has been chosen to produce coffee of the highest quality. This batch has been called Bellaterra, which is intended solely and exclusively for the “Ingredients” chain.

The best origin coffee in the Coffea Diversa Garden
The Coffea Diversa coffee garden

Our variety of exotic origin coffees

The garden hides more than 200 exotic varieties and due to its strategic location, the territory receives climatological influences from both the Atlantic and the Pacific, something that gives the area’s coffees unique flavor profiles.


Ancient and rare variety of wild coffee from Ethiopia. It has a delicate flavor profile with serene and complex aromas, with a mild acidity, medium body and silky texture. The flavor, especially chocolatey, saturates the long and persistent taste on the palate.

Our specialty blend intense in aroma, good body, slightly acidic and strong, is a coffee made with a mixture of our best coffee that gives it an excellent body. A 100% arabic coffee.

Pleasant aroma and excellent body conditions and non-pungent acidity, characterized by a light and slightly chocolatey flavor.

Excellent body, aromatic and rich acidity with a strong presence of chocolate notes. It awakens the senses every time it is savored.

Very sweet coffee, with notes of chocolate and fruity, sweet in the mouth, medium acidity, good body with pleasant texture and, above all, its balance stands out.

A sweet coffee with a light body and intense aroma. Very balanced flavor. Ideal for those who like a rich coffee with character.

It is a highly perfumed coffee with a strong flavor, full body and with a certain taste of chocolate.

Varieties of exotic coffees in Costa Rica
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