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When we started our journey, we were very clear that we wanted to be different and stand out by offering an exceptional product. A coffee of the highest quality, specially designed to surprise lovers of the most authentic coffee: the best coffee of origin.

We started our journey in 2001 and since then we have not stopped searching and selecting the best Central American coffees.

Currently, our coffee selection has varieties from Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, but it is in Costa Rica, where our best kept secret is, the origin of our Ingredients formula, the origin of our blend.

The origin of the blend of coffee ingredients

The result is a coffee with fruity nuances that, due to its level of acidity and its natural sweetness, can be perfectly drunk without sugar.

Now that you know the secret and the essence of ingredients that are in our coffee, you just need to try it. Come and savor our delicious blend with varieties from the most exotic coffe garden in the world.

It will surprise you!

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